Feed Your Soul: Mad Jacks

7004 US-165, Columbia, LA 71418
Published: Sep. 17, 2021 at 5:35 PM CDT
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COLUMBIA, La. (KNOE) - If you head out on US 165 going South, you will find Columbia, and there you will see a pink restaurant, Mad Jacks.

When you hear the name, it is not what you expect. But there is so much here that is unexpected. Duane and Amanda Crews started the restaurant and named it after their son.

“When our son was little, running around, we’d call him Mad Jack,” says Amanda.

And the kitchen was built by Duane and his father.

Duane said, “This was a flower shop when it was first opened.”

Even though he built the restaurant, Amanda is what keeps it going.

“She’s the reason we’re so successful,” said Duane, ”She’s the muscle in the kitchen and the cook, and I’m just the guy out front talking to everybody.”

When you sit down, make sure you ask what sauces are available. They have quite a few, and all of them are homemade, from the ranch to the tartar sauce, they are made from Amanda’s recipes.

“Traveling all over the country,“ Amanda explains, “you get the taste and experience all these different cultures of food.”

One menu item that you can get that you can have everyone trying different sauces is the cheese bites. With those, you can try every sauce and it works.

Another menu item that you can sauce up is the Chicken Bacon Ranch Spud.

And the man that makes the potatoes what they are is Mr. Steven Davis. Steven and his spud, well, it was so good it left me speechless.

This place is where the town comes to eat, from the sheriff’s office to the hospital, this is the spot.

When I left, I felt like I was part of Mad Jack’s family.

As Amanda puts it, “Family has to take care of each other.”

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