Friday Morning Weather Forecast

Fri Nov 08 06:09:56 PST 2019

Friday Morning Weather Forecast

Friday Morning Weather Forecast with Meteorologist Nick Slaughter

Zoo Buddies: Baby African Crested Porcupine

Lisa Taylor and Christan from the Louisiana Purchase Gardens and Zoo joined us with a Baby African Crested Porcupine.

NELA Quiler's Guild 2020 Quilt Show

Susan Wible joined us in the studio Tuesday morning to invite the public to the Northeast Quilters Guild 2020 Quilt Show.

Calhoun woman seeking justice after death of her horse (Long Ver.)

A Calhoun woman is mourning the death of her beloved horse and is asking for the publics help in finding the killer.

Small Business Training

Small business training with LDCC is underway and will be taking place across multiple cities in the ArkLaMiss.

Tuesday Morning Weather Forecast

Tuesday Morning Weather Forecast with Chief Meteorologist Marcus Walter


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