Zoo Buddies 8-13-2019

Lisa Taylor joins us on the set with a Gaint South American River Turtle friend named Tiny. Tiny will grow to be 200 pounds and up to 3 feet wide as an adult! They are teh largest freshwater turtles in South America. They play an important role in the environment by transferring fruit and plant seeds up and down rivers, resulting in more plants. The Louisiana Purchase Gardens & Zoo is one of northeast Louisiana's premiere attractions with nearly 100,000 annual visitors. We are a true zoo with Lions, Tigers and Bears. We have Zebra, Bison, Elk, baboons, gibbons and many other animals from around the world. We have a large number of birds and a reptile house. The Hall of Small is an immersive insect exhibit with hands on interactive opportunities. We have about 400 animals of about 200 species. We also have 27 acres of landscaped grounds with many interesting plants and a walk through greenhouse.

#ChildrenThrive Mural

The Children's Coalition for Northeast Louisiana began work on its new mural on Saturday.

Gov. Edwards worships in Monroe

Governor John Bel Edwards visited Monroe on Sunday and worshipped at the New Saint James Missionary Baptist Church. He spoke to the congregation about the work that's been done in his first four years as governor and what his plans are going forward.

Mom and 4 year old author 'Mommy and Me' cookbook

Monroe Mom and 4 year old author 'Mommy and Me' cookbook. Jamie Mayes and Lee Antwine III love to make cooking videos.


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