ZooBuddies: Green Iguana

Louisiana Purchase Gardens and Zoo

Fourth-grader promoting literacy at a young age

Lashayla Jones started a community library in her backyard to spread the joy of reading.

ULM Athletic Hall of Fame

DJ Fortenberry along with Jenny Pankey are here to talk about The LClub Hall of Fame ceremony.

State Fair of Louisiana

State Fair of Louisiana is October 25th through November 11th.

Rich Before Thirty

Kendra Jones is the founder of Rich Before Thirty. A club geared towards teaching aspiring millennial entrepreneurs financial literacy strategies to create and sustain long term wealth.

Hurricane Florence death toll rises to 42 as South Carolina expects more record flooding

At least 42 deaths have now been attributed to Hurricane Florence, according to officials. There were 31 deaths in North Carolina, nine in South Carolina and two in Virginia. Well over half of those killed were in vehicles.


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