8 Investigates: Tenant Rights

8 Investigates: Tenant Rights

A Monroe woman's life is turned upside down when her apartment is infested with bed bugs. But that's only the start of her problems. 8 Investigates takes an in-depth look at your rights as a tenant.

Garrett Steele talks about Let America Fish

The new initiative focuses on conservation efforts and getting the public to fish more.

Mt. Vernon Back to Church

On Sunday, the church invited people to worship with them and shared a special message for everyone too.

Starr Homeplace

Starr Homeplace gives local artists a chance to show their skills and works the second Saturday of each month.

Fight the Blight

JPMorgan Chase and Monroe partners to help the city fight the blight and boost home ownership with $110,000 grant.

Ricky Rowton's Road to Nashville

Ricky Rowton of Calhoun will release an album on September 30, 2019. He's got dreams of making it big as country music singer.


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