Winnsboro student is accused of bringing pot in rice cereal treats to school

The Franklin Parish Superintendent says a student told the Winnsboro Elementary Principal that there was pot in the treats. He says the student shared the treat with about 15 other kids on the bus to school.

Jalapeno Pig Poppers

Chef Darrell Teats cooks up Jalapeno Pig Poppers

Louisiana Life March Northeast

Louisiana Life March Northeast is January 27th, starting at First Baptist Church in West Monroe.

Monroe City Council moving ahead with a flood wall in Monroe

The Oregon Trail Protective Levee Project will put up a flood wall along Nutland Road. Council also voted to approve the replacement of a pump at the Oregon Trail Road Pump Station.

Industrial hemp could be introduced in La. Legislature

A bill to legalize industrial hemp could be introduced in the Louisiana legislature this Spring.

Family of a Monroe man shot and killed says they want answers

Charles Ellis was shot and killed Saturday on S 3rd Street in Monroe. Ellis' family says he was the kindest person, and they have no idea why someone would want him dead.

Some pecan farmers say rain is making it difficult to harvest their crops

Abraham Fowler says the past five years have been filled with drought and heavy rain. He says that means they can't get machines into the field.


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