Stay up to date on school closings - Download the KNOE app!

Did you know you can get breaking news, closings, and severe weather alerts sent straight to your phone? All you have to do is download the KNOE app, available for Android devices and iPhones.

<b>Why should you download the app? </b>

If you have the KNOE app, you will get the latest news before anyone else!

<b>That includes getting push alerts sent straight to your phone when a local school announces a closing or cancellation! (You must enter the name of your <u>SCHOOL DISTRICT AND INDIVIDUAL SCHOOL</u> if both are listed. Please check for both. We have instructions below.)</b>

It also includes breaking news alerts on situations that could pose a risk to you and your family. What if there was just a shooting at a major retailer and you don't know about it because you haven't checked in the last hour? ... Or what if you are unable to watch KNOE 8 while driving or at work and a crash blocks traffic on I-20? With our app, you won't get caught off guard.

Don't care about breaking news? Then what about severe weather? What if a tornado warning is suddenly issued for your parish? Or there is a flash flood watch in effect? With the KNOE app, you will know before anyone else and you'll have time to take the proper precautions to keep your family safe.

<b>Here's what you get when you download the KNOE app:</b>

*All local news we post to

*Breaking news alerts

*Severe weather alerts

*Local sports updates

*Forecast & Temperature by the Hour

*An interactive weather radar

*Good Morning ArkLaMiss interviews

*School closings

*Local sports scores

*Election results live on every election night

*Submit photos for birthdays, salutes or anything else

*Contact 8 Investigates

*Access our Facebook page

*Livestream our newscasts on your phone

*Good Morning ArkLaMiss guest application

For full local news coverage, breaking news alerts, and weather updates, download the KNOE app at one of the links below. And once you get it, don't forget to custom your location and alerts.

If you're not sure how to do it, just come back here and read the next part of this article (below the following links).

Don’t forget to customize your alerts!

Want to customize the alerts we send to your phone? Maybe you want breaking news and weather, but don't care for sports. Or maybe you want to know what's trending each day, but could care less about the weather. Click the bar below for instructions on how to customize your alerts.

Our app alerts come in several varieties. Here’s a short description of each type of alert we send out.

BREAKING: These are the things you need to know. They are the huge stories - the breaking news that matter to you.

TRENDING: Not every good story is a breaking news story. We use this category to highlight less time-sensitive stories that you won't want to miss.

FORECASTS: The weather information you need to plan your day.

SEVERE WEATHER: We use this category to send out general information about severe weather. For watches and warnings specific to your county, enable Severe Weather County Specific Alerts (next).

CLOSINGS: Enable custom closings notifications and we'll send you a note when class is canceled for the day.

SPORTS: When there's a big game, we'll send you the final score.

LIVE REMINDERS: When we have a special report planned for KNOE 8 News on television, we’ll send you a live reminder so you can check it out.