Report Breaking News or Submit a News Tip

If you would like to report breaking news, please call our newsroom (318) 388-8888 to speak to someone rather than sending an email or Facebook message. If you have breaking news pictures or videos you’d like to share, you can do so by clicking here. (Give us a call to tell us about it too!)
For non-urgent news, you can call or email us at

How does a good news report begin?

Many of the most important and meaningful news reports journalists share with you begin the same way. Not with a press release issued by law enforcement or a big-name politician coming to town. Nor with your favorite team’s championship win or the annual festival that you and your neighbors look forward to every year.

They begin with people like you.

Is there something you think needs a serious investigation? Is there something happening in your neighborhood that people should know about? Or perhaps you just have a story you think needs to be shared? (Even good news!) We welcome your ideas! You can call anytime to speak to a member of our news team!

Contact us at (318) 388-8888 if you have urgent news or would like to speak to someone in person.

For non-urgent news, you can email us at

If you want to submit a tip anonymously, you can call and talk to someone without leaving your name.