Atlas Foundation Repair

Atlas Systems Dealer. The university technical degree foundation company. Owner personally evaluates the concerns and reviews on-site the installing crews. We specialize in unique projects that need a limited access or failed methods of repair.

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2116 Forsythe Avenue, Monroe, LA 71201

The company has been serving the mid-south since 1984 and continues to be owned by its founder, TONY ARPINO.

We are committed to providing quality products and service for long term success.

Structural problems can be caused by soft soils, heavy loads, vibration, and water and tree influences.

Our Services

Atlas Foundation Repair offers the following services...

Driveways and Patios

Due to their lightly reinforced construction, driveways and patios can flex which could result in breakage. Atlas has ways to lift and void-fill such problems.

Parking Lots and Culverts

Sub-surface erosion of culverts can decrease the load carrying capacity of the parking lot.

Swimming Pools and Decks

Soil voids next to swimming pools are common, resulting in a compromised pool deck or pool.

Historic Structures

These structures are typically brittle, heavy loaded and do not rest on poured concrete. Special care is needed to maintain the structural integrity.

Confined Spaces

The advantages of light portable equipment to bridge builder depths, allows Atlas to work on a wooden structure and lift a concrete structure.

Slab Structures (Existing and New)

Stair-stepping brick, separation of the chimney from the main structure, and doors sticking and not latching periodically throughout the year are all indicators of foundation movement.

Industrial or Environmental Applications

Underground obstructions concerns are reduced since our equipment allows us to access and work in confined spaces.

Seawalls and Spillways

There are many causes of erosion around seawalls. Our products are designed to repel water and increase the structural integrity of the seawall.

Tree Influences

Trees leach more water out of the soil during certain times of the year, which can affect the integrity of surface supported structures.