ULM professor receives grant from NASA

Dr Ken Leppert (courtesy: ULM)
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MONROE, La (ULM Release) - NASA recently awarded a 3-year grant totaling $62,000 to Dr. Ken Leppert II, Assistant Professor of Atmospheric Sciences in the College of Arts, Education, and Sciences at the University of Louisiana Monroe.

This grant will go toward Leppert’s research project, “Better Understanding GPM Radiometer Measurements using Ground Based Radar,” which seeks to improve measurements of rainfall using satellites.

Accurate precipitation measurements are required for agriculture, flood forecasting, water management, among other things. But the problem is that some areas are not equipped with measurement technology. In addition, satellite precipitation estimates may be less accurate in certain situations, such as when hail is present or during other severe weather.

“I am taking measurements from satellites and then comparing that data to ground-based radar measurements,” said Leppert. “The hope is that these scientific comparisons will help improve our knowledge of rain measurements in areas that don’t have ground radars and when there are mixtures of precipitation types like hail and rain. In turn, this raw data will facilitate more accurate severe weather forecasting, weather reports for farmers, and the like.”

Leppert expressed interest in this type of research during his post-doctoral research at the University of Alabama in Huntsville and wanted to further pursue his interest in numerous satellite applications.

"We are proud and excited for Dr. Leppert as this award will allow him to expand his exploration in satellite applications,” said Dr. Sandra Lemoine, Dean of the College of Arts, Education and Sciences. “I'm confident that our students and other faculty members will also benefit from the knowledge that Dr. Leppert will gain during his research on weather conditions.”

Dr. Leppert received his Ph.D. and M.S. degrees from the University of Alabama in Huntsville, and his B.S. degree from the University of Missouri.