Statistics show crime increases over the summer while students are out of school

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STERLINGTON, La (KNOE 8 News) - It's not summer yet, but kids are already taking over the streets in Sterlington. You may want to think twice before leaving your bikes unchained outside your home.

"We've already had two thefts and they've both been recent in fact a four wheeler and a lawn mower and so which could go hand in hand with summer's here and kids are out of school and now they've got nothing to do but kind of walk the roads and looking around," says Sterlington Police Chief Barry Bonner.

He says right now is the time you don't want to leave sheds unlocked or possessions like lawn mowers or bicycles unchained in the open.

"In the past when we've had vehicle burglaries and so far 100 percent of burglaries have been solved and they have been juveniles and when we are talking to the juveniles what we are finding is they are only going into cars that are left unlocked," says Bonner.

He says making sure you know where your children are all times of the day is one way to know they are safe and not getting into trouble.

"Try to educate your children teach them about the value of property and staying away from things that are not yours," says Bonner.

As a growing community there are more people on the road and Chief Bonner says parents shouldn't let children play at the end of their driveways.

"It doesn't take but a half a second for that car to make that one little swerve and it's over and thank god we haven't had anything happen yet and I hope we don't," says Bonner.

Chief Bonner wants to remind everyone if you do see something to report it and they will increase patrols.

He also wants to alert the public about a man in a white pick up truck possibly a Mazda with a gold stripe going down the side. He says the man's been stopping near where children are playing and watching, and takes off when approached by an adult. If you see this truck get the plate number and report it to Sterlington police.