Rep. Jim Fannin says he will seek La. Senate seat

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WINNFIELD, La. (KNOE 8 News & Rep. Jim Fannin) - State Representative Jim Fannin says he will seek the Louisiana State Senate District 35 seat.

Fannin, Chairman of the House Appropriations Committee, spoke to the Kiwanis Club in Winnfield on Monday. Fannin said the dropping price of oil means that the plan approved two weeks ago by the Joint House-Senate Committee to cover a $170.5 million hole in this year's budget will have to change.

Fannin pointed out that a dollar drop in the price of a barrel of oil decreases revenue to the state budget by approximately $12,000,000. Fannin said that even with the urgent budget difficulties he doesn’t think that a special session is needed because it would be an unnecessary expense for taxpayers. However, he did say that meetings are underway this week to work on the budget crisis.

In response to the question about the Senate District 35 campaign, Fannin said he has made the decision to run based on the positive response from people in each of the parishes in the senate district. Based on this response, Fannin plans to continue traveling to each parish to listen and discuss the issues.

Fannin said that he is positioned well geographically in the senate district that includes some of Lincoln and Ouachita Parishes and then runs south through Jackson, Winn and Grant Parishes to include northern Rapides Parish. Fannin said that the senate district works well for him since he represents people from Winn, Jackson, Lincoln and Ouachita Parishes.