Ouachita Parish Animal Shelter: Former employees under investigation

courtesy: KNOE
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MONROE, La (KNOE 8 News) - If you're on the outside looking in, the Ouachita Parish Animal Shelter seems to be operating smoothly. However, they are four employees down and operating without a director because of improper conduct.

Scotty Robinson, Police Jury President, says, "we had someone within the animal shelter come in and raise some concerns."

Concerns surrounding allegations the director and other employees were using an inmate who had trustee status to work on their private projects, projects that the police jury's attorney says are not allowed.

Jay Mitchell, OPPJ Attorney, says, "...constructed a barbeque grill...and also did some welding on some trailers Uh private trailers that were apparently may have been used sometimes in animal control work,
But they were not owned by the parish."

With enough evidence for us to feel comfortable moving forward towards termination of those employees, four of them all ended up resigning.

The last names of the former employees are: Mr. Danna, Mr. Riggin, and Mr. Godwin.

Former animal control director Hack Tull also resigned just before the police jury's December 21st meeting.

The positions are posted on the jury's website and although down four employees, Robinson says it hasn't seriously affected the shelter.

"The City of West Monroe has been a tremendous amount of help and so has the City of Monroe. Our treasurer office has kind of taking over the day to day operations as far as the financial and the money and things that go on."

The case has been transferred to the Ouachita Parish Sheriff's Office, and a spokesperson there says the investigation is ongoing.

Attorney Jay Mitchell did not speculate as to whether charges would be filed against the former employees.