Officer-involved shooting in West Monroe

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The Ouachita Parish Coroners Office confirm the man shot and killed by a West Monroe Police officer is 51 year old Raymond Keith Martinez.

UPDATE 7:00 PM -
The jacket and a piece of card board used as a mat remain in the position a homeless man left it in, before being shot by a West Monroe Police Officer on Thursday night.
Chris Tramble says the homeless man's name is Keith Martinez.
Keith was at Chris's house minutes before the shooting.
Laurie Eley also knew Keith and says she doesn't understand why police would shoot him.
"I was devastated anyway no matter who had shot him," Laurie said.
Laurie says she always knew Keith to be non confrontational
"When I think about Keith and how harmless he was. Yes, he did have an alcohol problem.
The Ouachita Parish Sheriff's Office would not confirm what made the West Monroe officer pull the trigger.
Chris says Keith wasn't a stranger with law enforcement.

"He's been arrested 53 times the police should know that he didn't have no weapons on him at all and he did not posses any weapons. He did not own any weapons, he didn't even have a home," Chris said.
Chris believes the officer that shot Keith used excessive force.

"They know they can handle that man they been handling him for over, the man been arrested 53 times," Chris said.

UPDATE: 10:00 AM-
This morning we were able to speak with residents from the neighborhood the man shot was from. They say he was Vietnam Veteran who drank frequently, but would never hurt a fly. Residents also say that he would often loiter in front of the store where he was shot by a West Monroe Police Officer.

The Ouachita Parish Sheriff's Office continue to withhold the name of the man shot. However, they do confirm the man has died.

At the request of the West Monroe Police Department, the Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Office is conducting the investigation of a shooting involving a West Monroe Police officer that occurred last evening at approximately 7 p.m. The Investigation is currently ongoing. The officer was not injured. The suspect died at a local hospital later that evening. The identity of the officer and the suspect is not being released at this time. Once the investigation is concluded, it will be forwarded to the District Attorney’s office for review.

UPDATE 8:00 p.m.: A neighboring business owner was outside during the incident. He says he heard about four gunshots. He turned around to see a victim laying in the parking lot. It appeared the officer had shot him.
The Ouachita Parish Sheriff's Office is working the scene of a West Monroe Police Officer involved shooting.

The shooting occurred at the Now Save Pik Pak store on North 7th street, south of West Monroe High School. No details are being released at this time. At one point 13 police vehicles were on the scene. Officials are taking photos of the scene, inside and outside of the store.

The right lane of North 7th street is shut down in the area.

We're reaching out to the Ouachita Parish Sheriff's Officer to get more information.
We will update you as the information becomes available.