Northminster Church Remembers Orlando Victims

courtesy: KNOE
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MONROE, La (KNOE 8 News) - "Look at the faces there, and realize that they're someone's daughter, they're someone's son, precious to them."

For Reverend Gaddy that's the point. It's the human connection that's bringing these people together. The people of Northminster church, joined in prayer. People like Marsha McGee.

"This country is becoming more and more divided, and since a house divided can not stand," McGee said. "I think we need to stand on the side of love, and stand on the side of unity, and the spirit of love and harmony with each other."

Words..echoed by Gaddy, who wanted to start a conversation tonight not just to pray, but to think. About the faces and people who lost their lives, symbolized by 49 burning candles and purple ribbons. A reminder of each and every life lost in Orlando.

"And if someone can just see the possibility that someone they've been putting down, is one of god's children with dignity and worth, that would be a gigantic step in opening one's mind," Rev. Gaddy said.

Here at Northminster, hope lives on.

"I can't give up hope," churchgoer James Files said. "If I would have, I would have given up 80 years ago. but, it's something, that the only thing I think can really get us together, is god and love."

A cry for hope, in a house of worship.