Monroe Athletic Club Hosts Self Defense Seminar

Courtesy: KNOE
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MONROE (KNOE 8 News) Bryan Mossey has been teaching martial arts for over 35 years, and believes self defense is something everyone should know.

"Everyone deserves a right to defend themselves," Mossey said. "I believe that every life is precious. And if we can educate people to keep people safe, then I want to do that."

That's why he started the Mossey Academy of Martial Arts, teaching people to have one goal in mind.

"Break contact, escape, get home, that's your trophy," Mossey said. "That's how you earn a gold star in self-defense. You get home alive."

That was the message he sent to the women of Wellspring Alliance, teaching them to defend themselves against a variety of attacks - from choke holds to knives, because as he taught, a blade is often quicker than a can of pepper spray.

The women also learned how to defend themselves from punches, both on their feet and while on the ground. And, for them, today's seminar was more than just learning how to prepare for a "what if." IT was about feeling confident enough to handle any dangerous situation.

"Taking control, and being in charge of your own body and life," said Valeria Bowman, Director of the Ouachita Parish Domestic Violence and Family Justice center. "And making sure you're safe, and that you can get yourself out of any situation."

And, for Mossey, if that's the case, he believes his job is done.

"Seeing them overcome it," Mossey said. "And seeing them become empowered by it, seeing it change their lives, that's very meaningful to me and it means more than all the money in the world."