Lincoln Parish sees pros and cons with natural gas and oil drilling

Courtesy: KNOE
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LINCOLN PARISH, La. (KNOE 8 News) - Signs such as "pipeline crossing ahead" are popping up all around Lincoln Parish as several natural gas and oil companies begin building wells and using horizontal drilling to extract minerals from the ground. Renee Scribner lives in Lincoln Parish right down the street for one of the new plants.

"I'm disappointed because we weren't really aware of this really happening, it was a surprise to me when we found out it was a natural gas plant," says Scribner.

She says she's lived here for about ten years and it used to be a quiet area, now trucks are constantly driving down her road and making lots of noise.

"It's changed in the last two or three years, the traffic is a lot heavier on this road, they go pretty fast, you'll notice the road being tore up it's really dangerous up there at the intersection where they are going in and out where the plants being built,"says Scribner.

Lincoln Parish Police Jury Administrator Courtney Hall says the drilling is boosting the economy, but they are getting a lot of complaints about damaged roads and noise.

"When they are putting in a rig they have 18-wheelers going in there filling up with salt water and they are hauling out 24 hours a day and people that live near these are concerned about the amount of traffic," says Hall.

Scribner says she doesn't support the drilling and plans on moving soon. However Hall says many people living in the parish support the revenue the drilling is bringing in.