KNOE crew, professional hunters go to the bayou to find alligators

courtesy: KNOE
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MONROE, La. (KNOE 8 News) - In Louisiana alligators are common sight, but they're not always a welcome one.

"Jeromy came and got two, what three weeks ago. And then in the last week, we have three just going back and forth," Jack Bradley said.

Bradley lives on Bayou Desiard off Finks Hideaway . He says Wildlife and Fisheries called Jeromy Pruitt to trap the alligators. Bradley suspects they're hanging around because people are feeding them.

"You don't want to feed a gator," Bradley said. "They're not as scared as they use to be."

And Bradley says, he want them to be scared.

"Well I mean I've got grandkids and I've got pets around here," Bradley said.

We spent an hour on the boat with Pruitt and we saw four alligators. He and his cousin, Chad, laid out traps to check later. They know a lot of people swim in the bayou and Pruitt has some advice.

"If your swimming, just go under water because when you start splashing and he's coming after you," Pruitt said.

He says never take a dip after dark, and if you live on the water, Bradley says watch your step.

"They're not scared, they'll come right up here on this dock," Bradley said.

And if you happen to see any alligators around, call wildlife and fisheries. They'll send Pruitt or another hunter to check it out.