Update: Cause released in football player death

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WINNSBORO, La (KNOE 8 News) - The autopsy results for Franklin Parish football player Tyrell Cameron have been released. Officials say the autopsy found Cameron broke his neck while making a tackle covering a punt.

The broken neck led to internal bleeding which ultimately caused his death. Cameron was taken to the hospital during the fourth quarter of the game where he later died.

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The message at Tyrell Cameron's funeral service was unity.

Pastor David Philips has been with the River of Life Church in Winnsboro since it opened its doors in 2000, and in fifteen years he hasn't seen anything quite like this.

"As far as coming together, this many people, this is the most we've ever had on this campus," said Pastor Philips.

The room was full of love for Tyrell and the rest of the Cameron family.

It is never easy to lose anyone at such a young age, but the response to Tyrell's death speaks volumes to the impact he had on so many people.

"It's been an amazing thing that the death of this young man, how it has brought unity across all of northeast Louisiana," Pastor Philips said.

Pastor Kelvin Davis spoke at the service as well, and he shared an uplifting message.

"Through this death it caused us to come together more closely. It caused us to drop everything that is not like God and come together for God. Because through this young man's death I believe that this unity will never again be destroyed," said Pastor Davis.

Tyrell lost his life playing the sport he loved, and he gave a community a chance to show how it can come together and rise up during even the hardest times.

"There's been some good that's come out of this situation. There's been a lot of support and as I've said once again, a lot of love and we just thank God for it," Pastor Davis said.