St. Joe group to take fight for clean water to capitol rotunda

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ST. JOSEPH, La. (Together Louisiana) - On Wednesday, at 11:00 am, "Together Louisiana" leaders from the city of St. Joseph will be holding a press conference to urge action to address ongoing concerns about the community’s water crisis.

The group will urge immediate action on the St. Joseph water crisis in the rotunda of the state capitol in Baton Rouge.

Community members have reported that their water continues to come out of the tap “looking like gumbo,” that clothes frequently come out of the wash with brown spots and that bathing is a challenge, because the water could turn brown at any moment.

The community leaders will urge three action steps to address the crisis:
• That an administrator be appointed to assure the urgent use of funds already appropriated for repairs of the most egregious pipes.
• Passage of HB823 to recognize secondary water quality standards of the EPA.
• That St. Joseph's repair project be moved to “Phase 1” so that the city’s pipes and filtration system can be replaced.