Former KNOE employee reacts to Mr. Wonder's arrest

Courtesy: KNOE
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MONROE, La (KNOE 8 News) - Susan Allain was the reporter who broke the story thirty seven years ago, and when she heard the news that Frank Selas was arrested in California, she was speechless.

"I just went...I can not even believe it," Allain said.

Allain worked at KNOE from 1976 to 1986 and she knew Frank Selas.

"He didn't do anything to make people like him very much...I'll put it that way," she said.

She was a crime reporter out on a story when she heard something unusual over the scanner.

"I was in the sheriff's department when I heard they had arrested Frank Selas," she said.

It turns out sheriff's deputies were trying to arrest him for allegedly molesting young boys on camping trips organized by Mr. Wonder himself.

"It was very disturbing. We all thought he was very strange," Allain said.

It was that strange behavior that law enforcement say followed him while he was on the run.

"Even as recently as today we looked at an application he had been putting out in Bonita, California where he was arrested soliciting and asking young boys to come be a part of camping trips, swimming excursions and things like that," said Rapides Parish Sheriff William Hilton.

Selas left Louisiana with his entire family. While on the run he changed his name, but never changed his ways. Although the trail went cold for some time, nothing would deter law enforcement from seeing that justice was served.

"We never forget and we never give up," said Sheriff Hilton.

Selas is in the San Diego County Jail and will be in court Wednesday.