Former Downsville Charter School Board wants to change charter type

Courtesy: KNOE
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DOWNSVILLE, La. (KNOE 8 News) - Four years ago Downsville High School was changed to Downsville Charter in an effort to save the school from closing.

Former charter board president Reggie Skains says now they are currently in the process to change the charter from a type three to a type two.

"This is another way we make sure the school stays open that we run the school like we have in the past," says Skains.

A few months ago the Union Parish School Board kicked the charter school board, headed by Skains, out and created a new board.

The parish said Skains and his board were not running the school to their standards.

"We had a five year contract and they cut that contract short in the middle of a school year so it has nothing to do with what's going on with that but we're wanting to be a type two charter we've always wanted to be a type two charter," says Skains.

As a type three charter the Union Parish School Board oversees the charter school board. Under a type two the Department of Education would oversee the charter school board.

Superintendent George Cannon says the switch is very unlikely to happen.

"To have an application accepted for a new charter they must first show they have over 50 percent support from the parents who currently attend that charter school," says Cannon.

He says the new board has already collected more than 50 percent of signatures from parents who want the charter to stay the same.

On Wednesday, teachers at the school voted on whether they wanted the charter to switch.

Skains has until Friday to present paperwork that shows more than half of the parents and teachers at the school want to see the charter changed.