Fight summer heat with clean air filters

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MONROE, La. (KNOE 8 News) - As the summer gets ready to start, Pam Duffey and her crew are gearing up for what she believes will be one of the hottest summers she's seen in a while.

"Like last year, we had triple digits, and today, it's just hot, hot, hot," says Duffey, owner of Duffey Designs.

Today's heat advisory is not only making her stay hydrated, but it's also making her take special care of the equiment she uses everyday.

"The heat is rough on it too," says Duffey.

Duffey keeps her equipment in a storage area, an area she works hard to keep cool, because if it overheats, she can't work.

"In the heat of the cools the equipment down and keeps the air conditioning from working too hard," says Duffey.

Something Randall Gilley says people fail to do this time of year. he says dirty filters are often why air units and refrigerators overwork themselves, causing them to freeze.

"Just remember if you haven't checked, you need to check it before it gets too hot," says Gilley, manager of Gilley's Heating and Cooling LLC.


-Set your thermostat to 78 or the highest comfortable temperature. Each degree cooler than 78 will increase your bill as much as 3%. If you're gong to be away for an extended period, set your air conditioner to 80 degrees or higher.

-Place window and central air conditioning units on the shady or north side of your home when possible. When using window units, shut doors to unused rooms, and close floor or wall registers for heating.

-Keep air conditioner filters clean. Aluminum mesh filters should be washed and fiberglass filters should be placed monthly.

-Close shades and drapes on the sunny side of the house during the day to keep light and heat out.

-Use kitchen and bathroom exhaust fans to remove excess heat and humidity caused by cooking, laundering and bathing.