Drone bills waiting for Governor Edwards' approval

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MONROE, La. (KNOE 8 News) - A series of drone bills are in the hands of Governor John Bel Edwards, waiting to be signed into law. These bills are meant to limit drone use, and designate what is, and isn't, ok.

House Bill 19 aims to prevent people from flying over schools to take pictures or video with drones. This applies to schools like Neville High, as well as prisons.

It's ust one of several drone bills proposed this year, and one of several sent to Governor Edwards to be signed into law.

The big question behind these bills is privacy. One of the bills, proposed by State Representative Marcus Hunter of Monroe, aims to tighten rules about taping people or property without their permission, filing it under the term "video voyeurism".

Most of the bills were voted in unanimously, and it's part of a movement to tighten regulations on drone use.

Paul Karlowitz, a ULM Professor of Aviation, says the bills don't overrule the FAA'S regulations on flying. Instead, they set specific limits on what you can do while flying, enforceable from the ground.

"[The] state has every right to do that, and I think they should. [This] gives the state something they can police themselves. The FAA polices the FAR's (Federal Aviation Regulations), and they're in charge of those. Local, state government can't do much about it," Karlowitz said.

One of the bills, which has actually already been signed into law, prohibits people from flying drones and recording over police barricades.

It's been about a week and a half since these bills were sent to Governor Edwards. We'll keep you updated on his final decisions.

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