Update: School system reaffirms girls will be allowed to wear tuxedos to prom, Review of policies underway

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MONROE, La. (KNOE 8 News) - Monroe City Schools reaffirmed during a news conference Wednesday that several female students wanting to attend prom in tuxedos will be able to wear what they want.

As an outcome of the recent events, each high school will be asked to submit its overall policies and procedures, so an attorney can determine if all of the policies fall within legal bounds.

A release from School Board President Bishop Rodney McFarland, Sr. states, "The board and the administration are in full support of our students. Going forward, we will address dress codes, District's schools handbooks, and other such policies to ensure that they are FAIR and not in violation of the law."

The full statement is attached to this report.
Background Story:

It's a local story gaining national attention, and now, it looks like there may be some resolution. Several girls from Carroll High School wanted to wear tuxes to their prom, but they say their principal wouldn't allow it. The girls at Carroll say they want to go to prom dressed how they felt most comfortable, or not at all.

“I don't feel comfortable in a dress," said Brittany Thomas, a senior at Carroll High School.

Superintendent Brent Vidrine says this was all a misunderstanding and says it had nothing to do with the girls' sexuality.

"The whole thing was about decor for the prom, and proper formal wear," said Vidrine.

And Monroe City School Board president Rodney McFarland says there aren't district wide regulations on what students can or can't wear to prom.

"Monroe City School Board has no policy that deals with females must wear prom dresses and males must wear tuxedos and that's it," said McFarland.

Vidrine says girls have worn tuxedos to prom in the school district before, and Vidrine himself allowed it when he was principal at Neville High School. He also says this would give a boy the right to wear a dress to prom if he wanted to.

"Our case is all concluded, and they understand they can wear their tuxedo, they can wear their dress. And the kids should just go out and have a great time and a memorable experience," said Vidrine.

As for Thomas, she says as long as she can dress like herself to prom, she'll go.

"Cause I ain't never been to prom so I want to go because it's my last year. My first time going to prom and my last time going to prom," said Thomas.

KNOE is told there will be a press conference held by the school board on Wednesday concerning the issue.

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