Blakes v Woods: Blakes loses election fraud trial

Juanita Woods (left), Betty Blakes (right) (courtesy: KNOE)
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MONROE, La (KNOE 8 News) - Update: May 4, 2016 at 4:11pm
Betty Blakes has lost the election fraud trail. A judge says she was "unable to show burden of proof."

Blakes says she will be taking this further, but wouldn't confirm if she is filing an appeal.

Original Story:
The Betty Blakes, Juanita Woods trial was back in court Wednesday morning. An official ruling is expected at four this afternoon.

Blakes took the stand and was questioned about how she got a list of voters, who she thinks should be thrown out.

Blakes gave specific names and numbers of voters. Voters who, according to her and her attorney, were either not registered to vote in District 3 or did not live there altogether.

Woods' attorney, Mark Neal, questioned Blakes on how she did her research. Neal claimed most of it was "just hearsay or speculation". All 5 documents of evidence were excluded. Neal says he is very positive Woods will win the case.

John Settle, Attorney for Betty Blakes notes, “these cases are very difficult to win. There's a high burden of proof on the plaintiff and we had difficulty satisfying the rule of evidence."

Mark Neal, Attorney for Juanita Woods, says, "I'm very positive. The plaintiffs had to prove their case and offered really nothing in the way of evidence. It boiled down to some internet research that they had done about these individuals, no verification of that research was offered, and not a single witness called except Mrs. Blakes."

Blakes' attorney says if they do lose the case, he's not sure if Blakes will appeal.

KNOE will be in court Wednesday afternoon to hear from Blakes and Woods on the outcome of this case.