Betty Blakes Claims Voter Fraud

Courtesy: KNOE
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MONROE (KNOE 8 News) When Betty Blakes saw the results of the district three runoff election between her and Juanita Woods, she had a feeling something wasn't right.

"When you come down from 11 votes in the primary and then you come in the runoff for 180 something votes," Blakes said. "Come on now."

Today, Blake's attorney sent us list of questionable addresses. So, she decided to go door to door in district three, looking to see if people who voted there actually lived there.

"We did Mapquest, Google," Blakes said. "And also eye contact, to see that we saying what we saying is true."

And when Blakes made eye contact with the addresses on her list, they included some homes that were abandoned, didn't exist, or allegedly housed people whose names were not listed on voter registration.

Blakes' attorney says this potential voter fraud is something that can gain enough steam to throw out the runoff election.

"[If there's enough persons who've committed voter fraud], then i believe this would be a basis to overturn the general election results of the district three council race," John Settle, Blakes' attorney said.

And that's something Juanita Woods' attorney believes will not gain enough traction.

"Every election is going to have a mistake in terms of a lot, or someone who's passed away," Mark Neal, Woods' attorney said. "But, 182 of them that would sufficiently affect the outcome of this election? No."

And if that's the case, and in fact, there is no instance of fraud, Blakes will tip her cap in defeat.
"If it's legit and everything is fine," Blakes said, "then my hat's off."