Autism Center opens on ULM's campus and is accepting patients

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MONROE, La (KNOE 8 News) April is Autism Awareness month and several groups across the country are planning events to bring attention to the disorder that affects 1 in 68 children, and what you may not know is that ULM has their very own Autism Center.

They actually just recently started accepting patients, and currently have 10 patients and are accepting more with recommendation.

The center serves children and teenagers from 1 to 18 years old.

Autism spectrum disorder or autism is a brain disorder.
Dr. David Irwin calls it a nerve developmental disorder.

He said people who suffer from Autism show different signs.
Some people with Autism have poor communication and social skills and some have feeding and swallowing problems.

Dr.Irwin said the center's goal is to be a resource for children and families by helping them with accurate diagnosis services and much more.

"We will help them with constellations and follow up services for treatment. Also educate and help professionals and parents know more about what Autism is? And how work with somebody who has Autism Spectrum Disorder", Dr. David Irwin said.

Dr. Irwin said researchers use to say 1 out of 150 children suffered from Autism, but now he believes more people are becoming more aware about it, and that's their goal to educate and clear up myths.

"Some of the myths that surround Autism is that the child does not want to communicate with someone, but actually the method and the way they communicate is so different then the way we typically expect", Dr. David Irwin said.

For more information on the center or how to become a patient; visit their website.

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