A Ruston Man has a 'Pretty Penny'

Courtesy: KNOE
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RUSTON, LA (KNOE 8 NEWS) Ortha Anders has his fair share of pennies. He started collecting the bronze coins in the 1970's, and has been fascinated with them ever since. Tuesday, with the help of some of his friends and family, he delivered 15, five gallon water bottles to his local bank.

He said he did not want cash them in because he has a strong love for the coins, but said his insurance company would no longer insure the pennies.

"I'd break a dollar before I spend a penny," said Anders. "If I was at your house and a penny was on the floor, I'd pick it up and tell you 'if this was a quarter I'd give it back to you.'” he added.

The first water bottle filled with pennies held $341, but Anders said his collection is not just about the money.

"Whenever I would see a penny, I would always say a prayer of thanks, β€œ he said. β€œIt was a reminder to me to always be thankful."

Ryan Kilpatrick, Senior Vice President of Origin Bank, said Anders has been a customer for some time and he's always glad to hear when his customers save.

"He's a great example to all who are watching -- all of our customers...and certainly a pillar to this community, " said Kilpatrick. "We were glad we could be involved with the process.''

When the process was complete, and all of the coins were cashed in, the pennies totaled $5,136.14.