Was Sean Payton wearing the Roger Goodell clown shirt?

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NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - Was Sean Payton wearing the Roger Goodell clown shirt under his zip-shirt during his season-ending press conference?

Sean Payton at the End of Season News Conference (Source: WVUE)

The internet, at least in Saints country, says yes.

Several people watching the press conference tweeted out comparisons of said clown shirt and the very top of the t-shirt that Payton was wearing.

Many commenters believe it is the shirt. But some people say distances, angles, pixels and colors don’t line up.

It’s hard to tell if it is the shirt, and Payton will likely remain mum on the issue.

The Saints lost to the Rams after a controversial no-call near the end of the game. Goodell has remained publicly quiet about the issue.

Whether the undershirt has a clown on it or not, the no-call conspiracy has spun off a garment conspiracy.

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