Three golfers ace same hole on same day at Calvert Crossing

CALHOUN, La. (KNOE) - The golfing world is talking about a remarkable feat from one of our area courses. It's a golfing feat that would even make Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson green with envy.

Buck Stein and Jim Turner were social distancing when they cruised up to the Par 3 5th hole at Calvert Crossing. 87-year-old Jim Turner had honors, grabbed his 8-Iron, and set his sights on the pin 124 yards away. The 79-year-old Stein then stepped up to the box. With a 9-Iron, he locked in from 124 yards out.

As they made their way up to the green, a huge surprise was waiting for them.

“Jim went up there and said you are not going to believe this, Buck Stein said. "It was pure luck that is all you can say.”

The National Hole-In-One Registry says the odds of two golfers acing the same hole on the same day from the same foursome are roughly 64 million to one. Turner and Stein beat the golfing odds, but were not about test the COVID-19 percentages.

“We were social distancing so you can not get too happy. You just hollered.”

The news of Stein and Turner’s heroics spread across the course.

“So we are already jumping up and down about two hole in ones in back to back. That is incredible.”

Buck’s wife, Jo, was also on the course, but she had no idea what was taking place in the foursome three holes ahead of her. When she reached the fifth hole, She pulled out her 5-wood and let loose.

“What a perfect shot feels like," she said. "It was effortless. It was like I did not hit it.”

Jo hit it and hit it well. Her golfing partner confirmed the unthinkable.

“She started jumping up and down," Jo said. "It's in the hole. It's in the hole”

Kevin LaFontaine, Calvert Crossing's General Manager, was the first to reach Jo’s husband to break deliver the news

“You are not going to believe this but your wife hit a hole-in-one today too,” he said.

There was only one thing that could dampen their spirits. The bar was closed.

Three self-described “seasoned” golfers beat the odds and giving us a ray of sunshine in a gloomy forecast.

“This is a bright spot in some dark times.”

“The excitement and celebration that was going on. The last thing you were thinking about was this virus.”