Spartans shining on the gridiron

COLUMBIA, La. (KNOE) After a perfect 7-0 start, there's talk in Columbia of a state title run.

It's a complete 180 from where the program was the last two years, when it totaled just one win through 20 games.

"They're all surprised, you know. Our haters are going to hate. they're hopping on the train now, they're starting to believe," said senior quarterback J.D. Abrams.

"Being 7-0 we've won more games this year than we have the past three years."

It's quite the turnaround for head coach Buster Duplissey and his core of seniors - who were still in middle school the last time the Spartans made the playoffs in 2013.

"We've got 20 seniors out. That means there are 20 seniors who've lived through three seasons where they only had three wins. They stuck it out and they're getting the payoff so far this year and we hope it continues," said Duplissey.

"I think we've really grown together. We've been together and know what hardship feels like and it's starting to work out for us," said senior center Nick Gomer.

It helps that senior running back Eric London continues to put up video game numbers week in and week out.

"There's no pressure, no pressure. I've got those guys behind me, my offensive line and my receivers, they do a great job blocking. With them I think I can do anything. I feel like any running back can run behind them."

With his line in front - and behind him, London has his sights set on scampering all the way to the Superdome.

"Of course it's always talked about a little bit, but what we're worried about is having a great practice today. that's what we're worried about today. let's have a great practice today. everything else will happen in time," said Duplissey.