OCS Track & Field star signs with ULM in unique way

Due to limitations on gatherings and the closure of schools, Olivia McCrary signed her letter of intent with ULM Track and Field in the Ouachita Christian school parking lot on Thursday.

"I think this is like much better than what a normal signing day because, like, there's so many people that normally wouldn’t come to like a normal signing up in the chapel,” McCrary said. “And so I just, I think it's pretty great that all these people are coming through to show their support, like, there was...people I haven't seen in years that came through to show their support today.”

Olivia wanted to quit track after the eighth grade, but her dad Charlie pushed her to stick with it.

“I really didn't expect anything to come of it but I didn't want her sitting around doing nothing,” Charlie said.

Olivia is a two-time state champion and OCS record holder looking for her third state title this spring.

“She'd come here on the weekends and work out and she'd be the only girl,” Charlie said. “She used to tell me that she was the only girl that worked out with the guys.”

When the news came that the LHSAA cancelled the spring sports season, Olivia got some good news the same day.

“I had been crying all morning and I had been in contact with the coach but he had called me later that night and announced...that they were gonna try to give me a scholarship to come out and throw for them if I was still interested and I told him I definitely was,” McCrary said. “And so, it just turned from a bad day to a, like, pretty good day.”

Signing those papers is always a defining moment in an athlete's career, but Olivia’s experience might just be unforgettable.

“...to do it under these circumstances, it’s just, it's kinda crazy, really,” Charlie said. “Olivia'll never forget it.”