Cornhole champion chalks up another victory

Schools may be out, but 10-year-old Eian Cripps continues to ace every test thrown in front of him.

"Once you start practicing and get better, it's, like, easy," Eian said.

Social distancing is bringing this Ruston kid closer to a game that he loves-cornhole. After throwing his bag last November, it was love at first touch for Cripps.

“He already had the natural talent," his father Nick said. "Just the way he threw, you know, the way he would spin the bag.”

Eian quickly entered his first tournament, but was politely told it may be in his best interest to stay in the junior ranks.

“As soon as heard that he went back to normal line and threw it right in the hole,” said Nick. "After that they were like no you cannot throw at the junior line."

The legend of the boy wonder was born, but he still had some doubters.

”It is just a ten year old-we'll all beat him,” Nick said.

They didn’t as Cripps started cashing checks in adult tournaments.

“Whenever he would beat them they were just in awe and they would just sit and watch him," said mother, Brandi.

“You could see some of these older guys fold. They are nervous that this ten-year-old is being them,” said Nick.

Widely considered friendly backyard game, cornhole is now routinely featured on ESPN with fierce battles with competitors across the country.

Eian wanted a part of that action so this past weekend he competed against some of the best in the nation in an online tournament.

“It was real nerve racking but I kept my nerves and just kept calm and didn't have an attitude about it and did real good,” said Eian.

Eian is being modest. After the last bag was thrown, a four foot seven, 67 pounder was the last one standing.

“Him going undefeated I was just-me and him (Nick) both were just jumping up and down,” said Brandi.

“It was like I finally accomplished what I wanted to do and it was real exciting," said Eian.

The victory featured a 500 dollar check, so obviously the cornhole phenom knew how to spend the cash-he decided to “buy new bags and boards.”

The ten-year-old’s new found fame and fortune does come with a few drawbacks. Who will have the guts to play him now?

“I am Eian Cripps who is next to come up against me,” Eian said.