LA Tech to fund baseball and softball scholarships for seniors returning next year

Following the NCAA's decision to give spring sport athletes an additional year of eligibility, Louisiana Tech announced they will fund the extra scholarships needed for baseball and softball.

Conference USA suspended all spring sports indefinitely March 12, and cancelled the seasons and championships March 16 following the outbreak of COVID-19.

Baseball, softball, track & field, golf and tennis fall in the spring sports category thus ending their seasons soon after beginning. This is particularly devastating for the Louisiana Tech baseball and softball teams as they lost their home fields to tornado damage in the 2019 season.

Athletic Director Tommy McClelland explained why those returning seniors will get their scholarships and not the rest.

"This was the second straight year that those two sports were hit with such unique challenges," said McClelland. "A year ago we were talking about those two programs finishing out their season without fields following the tornado and of course that bled over into this year."

"We would love to be able to do it for all of our sports, but from a budgetary standpoint, it's just not feasible. You are seeing colleges across the country doing a variety of things when it comes to funding the additional year. Some universities are not funding any of them. Some are funding all of them. And some, like us, are funding just some of them."

McClelland says many graduating seniors have decided not to return to LA Tech next year.