Five takes from Saints win over Colts

Drew Brees put on a passing clinic against the Colts. (Source: Mark Lagrange/WVUE)
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NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - Take One: Brees the GOAT

What a stretch for Louisiana quarterbacks. Two days after Joe Burrow won LSU’s first Heisman trophy since Billy Cannon, Drew Brees breaks Peyton Manning’s all-time record for career touchdown passes.

And it came on an all-time performance by Brees. Seriously, that was Brees’ best game as a Saint. That’s not hyperbole while being a prisoner of the moment. It’s a fact.

I’ve never seen Brees look better, which is saying something considering how many incredible performances he’s had over the last 14 years. He was masterful: 29/30 (another record), 307 yards and four touchdowns. His one incompletion came on his eighth pass of the game early in the second quarter on a throw away to Latavius Murray. He went on to complete his next 22 straight. My personal favorite had to be the over route his connected with Jared Cook. Brees placed it perfectly right as Cook turned his head for the catch.

Sometimes people get a little bored with longevity, and everyone seems to be in search of the next ‘great one.’ Just remember, greatness ain’t easy. Consistent greatness over nearly two decades is nearly impossible in the NFL.

Brees is one of the exceptions. He has a PhD. in the science of quarterbacking.

We use the term GOAT way too often in today’s sports world. But when it comes to the Saints, Brees truly is the greatest of all time.

At nearly 41 years of age, Monday night was his best effort yet.

Take Two: Can’t guard Mike

Newsflash: Michael Thomas is never covered. At this point, it wouldn’t be crazy to suggest that a team literally guard him punt return style where the two defenders jam him like a gunner running down a punt at the line of scrimmage.

12 targets. 12 catches. 128 yards. One touchdown. He’s up to 121 catches on the season.

He’s the best receiver in the NFL and there’s no stopping him anytime soon.

Take Three: Peaking at right time

I’m old enough to remember fans and media being unhappy with the Saints' offensive output this season.

Well, since the Atlanta loss, the Saints have scored: 34, 34, 26, 46 and 34 points. That’s an average of 34.8 points per game. They’ve put up 80 in their last two games; Brees has thrown nine touchdowns to zero interceptions. Bottom line, this offense is playing its best football at the perfect time.

Contrast that with last year where this was the point in the season when the offense hit a wall and never really recovered. Their recent play should serve as a reminder that this group is still a force to be reckoned with.

Take Four: Defensive bounce back

The offense grabbed the headlines but the defense bounced back in a big way Monday. They pitched a shutout until the fourth quarter and surrendered just 205 total yards. DeMario Davis, in particular, stood out. Jacoby Brissett never looked comfortable in the game.

Their effort combined with the offensive explosion made for the Saints' most complete game of the season.

Take Five: Other Observations

Brees heaped praise on Josh Hill for being the one that caught the record-breaker. He called him the epitome of a great teammate.
That record though probably should have gone to Tre’Quan Smith (again). Somehow, Smith was flagged for a ridiculous offensive pass interference penalty.
Jared Cook has been on a tear lately. His last eight catches went for: 16, 40, 29, 38, 26, 18, 7 and 20 yards with two touchdowns. It may have taken him some time to get there, but Cook is officially at the level the Saints hoped he would be at when they signed him this offseason.
C.J. Gardner Johnson was a beast in run support against the Colts. He finished with three tackles for loss where he disrupted the play right at the handoff.
This game was every bit as dominant as many thought it would be. When studying the Colts, there just wasn’t anything special about them and they came to New Orleans at the wrong time.
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