A Brother's Love

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MONROE, La (KNOE 8 Sports) - Neville Assistant Coach Shanderic Downs started as a high flying forward for Wossman's state championship squad in 1992. Downs is a stickler for teamwork, "...less selfish and more selfless."

courtesy: KNOE

Later in life, as a professional, basketball gave Downs a passport to see the world, but his values remained firmly planted in northeast Louisiana.

As an older brother, Downs made sure his three sibling squad never missed a beat. Three years ago, that bond - along with their faith - was tried and tested when Downs' younger sister Roslyn went through numerous test and was given a diagnosis that meant a liver transplant was needed.

Downs wasn't about to sit on the sidelines as his sister faced her toughest opponent yet. Downs recalls, "my biggest fear was not being a match."

Downs later received the news that he was a match. So, last April, Downs called his sister and casually dropped the good news.

For a professional career that featured dunks on three continents, Downs' biggest highlight will come right here at home. "My most memorable assist right here," Downs said.