Watermelon and Cucumber Salad


Melon Watermelon Seedless
Onions Red
Onions Green
Cheese Feta Crumbles
Nuts Pecan Pieces Medium
Lettuce Spring Mix
Basil Fresh
Mint Fresh
Vinegar White Wine
Salt Kosher
Sugar Brown Light
Oil Olive Extra Virgin


Wash hands before handling food and after any interruption.
Wash, rinse, and sanitize all equipment before and after use.
Thoroughly wash fresh fruit or vegetables prior to preparation.

1. Dice watermelon into 1" x 1" cubes. Cut cucumbers in half then slice thin. Julienne red onion. Toss together and set aside.

2. Cut green onions in thin slices on a diagonal.

3. Place basil, mint, vinegar, salt, and brown sugar in a blender and mix for 1 minute. Slowly drizzle in olive oil to emulsify.

4. Place watermelon in the bottom of a clear disposable shaker container or mason jar . Top with spring mix. Sprinkle with feta cheese and pecan halves. Garnish with green onion.

5. Top with a 2 oz portion cup of dressing.

Hold: Maintain product temperature at 41°F or below.