Valentine's Special


Winter vegetable salad:
Radish 2ea sliced
Cucumber 1/2 ea seedless sliced or diced
Carrot 1/2 ea peeled and sliced or diced
Tomato 1/2 ea sliced or diced
Boston lettuce 1 head washed
Boiled egg 1ea sliced in 1/2

Quail 2ea
Olive oil 1/4C
Salt and pepper to taste
Any kind of glaze(terriyaki, pesto, chili garlic, honey dijon etc..)

Chocolate ganache pie:
Semisweet chocolate chips 1C (Melted)
Heavy cream (warm) 1C
Butter (melted) 1/4 C
Vanilla 2tsp
Egg whole 1ea
Egg yolk 1ea
Sugar granulated 2T
Graham cracker pie shell 1ea
Strawberry 1ea cut in 1/2
Cool whip 8ozw


For salad:
Arrange all ingredients on plate and serve with a side of favorite dressing.

Rub quail with olive oil and salt and pepper and grill until internal temp of 145F is reached.
Spread glaze on quail and return to grill for 20-30 seconds, cut in half top to bottom and serve.

For dessert:
Combine all ingredients in a mixing bowl and pour into graham cracker pie shell. Bake at 300F for 10-15 min.
Center will still be loose. refrigerate overnight and serve the following day.

Note: take pie out of fridge at the beginning of meal to give it time to come to room temp. Cut a wedge of pie and serve with cool whip and strawberry.

God bless and Happy valentines day!