Traditional Surf and Turf




Beef tenderloin 8ozw 1ea

Thyme 2sprigs(picked and chopped)

Thyme 2sprigs (left whole)

Dijon mustard 1tsp

Olive oil 2T

Butter 1T

Dried portabella mushroom(ground into powder) or any dried mushroom will work 2T

S&P to taste


16/20 ct shrimp 4-5ea

Brown sugar 1T

Lemon juice(fresh squeezed) 1tsp

Sherry cooking wine 2T

S&P to taste

Olive oil 2


For filet coat the beef with dijon , mushroom powder and thyme. Heat olive oil and butter in a pan over med-high heat. Sear the filet one side while basting the side facing up with butter/oil/ thyme sprig . Then flip beef medallion and repeat until beef is cooked to your liking. Toss raw shrimp with all ingredients until well coated and grill or saute until desired temp(145 f internal temp). Top done filet with shrimp, serve with mashed potatoes and favorite veg. Enjoy and God bless! Just want to tell all of those who have watched our cooking show, may your lives be full of happiness and joy and the grace of God rest upon you all. Thank you.