Sweet Shallot and Pecan Encased Pork Filet


Pork Loin filet 5-6ozw 1ea
Shallot 2ea (chopped fine, oven roasted until dried out, blended in food processor)Note: to dry onion/pecan mix cook in oven at 200f as long as needed)
Pecans 1C(chopped fine, oven roasted until dried out, blended in food processor)
Olive oil 1T
Salt and pepper to taste

Cranberry glaze
Fresh cranberries 1C
Sugar 1/4C
Water 2C
Honey 2T

Potato croquette
Red potato 3ea(boiled and whipped)
Butter 1T
Cheddar 1/4C
Salt & pepper as needed
Panko crumbs 1/2C (ground)
Egg wash 1/4C
Flour as needed

Rutabega 1ea(peeled, cut into squares 1/2" thickness,blanched)
Olive oil 1T
Honey 1tsp


Rub pork filet with olive oil and crust in pecan and shallot mix, bake in pre-heated 350f oven until internal temp of 155f is reached.

For glaze place all ingredients in small saucepot and reduce until mix thickens (reduce by 3/4).

Mix whipped potato with cheese, butter and s&p. Chill whipped potato until firm, scoop out 2ozw of whipped potato and roll into ball or form into cake.

Dip cake /ball into flour, then wash, and finally bread crumb, fry potato croquette in 350f oil until golden brown.

Rub honey on both sides of rutabega and place in heated (med heat) skillet with oil, caramelize rutabega on ea side. Place square of rutabega on plate, top with potato croquette, pork and cranberry glaze. Enjoy and God bless!