Stuffed French Bread and a Watermelon Smoothie



French loaf 2 (each loaf should be 12")
Roast beef (sliced thin) 2# (more if necessary)
Green bell pepper(seeded, cut in strips and roasted) 2 each
Red bell pepper(seeded, cut in strips and roasted) 2 each
Yellow onion (peeled and sliced thin) 1 each
Garlic cloves (roasted) 15 each
Cheese (cheddar will work) 1#
Olive oil 1 C
Salt and pepper as needed
Brown gravy 1-2 C (either a brown gravy mix or the natural juices from the roast)

Watermelon Smoothie

Watermelon 3-4 C (seeded and cut into chunks)
Banana (peeled and chopped) 1 each
Apple(cored and sliced) 1/2-1 each
Orange juice(fresh squeezed) 1 each
Sugar granulated 1/8-1/4 C
Ice 1 C
Cool whip 6ozw
Mint (optional) for garnish


For sandwich: Use olive oil to roast all vegetables at 350f until tender, set aside and let cool. Start by stuffing french bread with sliced roast, then veggies, cheese and then repeat until bread is completely stuffed. Bake at 300f until golden brown and internal temp is 165F. Remove from oven and let stuffed loaf rest for 4-5min before slicing. Slice in 2" pieces and serve with brown gravy/ roast juices.

For smoothie: Combine all ingredients in a drink mixer and process until smooth. Pour into cup, top with whip cream and enjoy!

Thanks and God bless.