Shabu Shabu



Beef round(sliced paper thin) 1/2#
Pork loin (sliced paper thin) 1/2#
Shrimp 16-20ct (sliced paper thin) 1/4#
Ponzu(see recipe) 1-2C
Hoisin sauce 1C
Chili garlic sauce 1/2C
Cilantro slaw(see recipe) 4C
Dashi broth(see recipe) 5-6C
Won ton crisps 25-30ea
Dashi broth
Chicken stock 4-5C
Konbu or nori (ground up) wraps 2ea
Lemon grass (chopped) 1ea
Ginger root (grated) 2T
5 Spice 1/2tsp
Salt & pepper to taste


Soy sauce 4T
Dashi stock 3T
Lemon juice and zest(fresh) 2T
Rice vinegar 1T
Mirin 1tsp
Cilantro slaw
Cilantro (chopped) 3T
Daikon radish (cut in thin strips 1"long) 1C
Bok choy (chopped) 2C
Green onion (chopped on bias) 1/4C
Carrot(sliced in thin strips 1"long) 1ea
Sesame oil 3T

Won ton wrappers (small, dusted w/corn starch and fried) 25-30ea


For dashi combine all ingredients in a sauce pot and bring to a boil, reduce to a low simmer and keep hot for service.

Combine all ingredients for ponzu and set aside for service. Combine all ingredients for slaw and set aside for service.

To serve give all guests their own bowl for hot dashi broth. Place all other condiments (including meats) on serving platters and place at convenient location for guests.

Instruct guests to dip raw(paper thin sliced meats) into hot dashi of their own until cooked and eat with won ton crisp and desired condiments.

Enjoy and God bless! Note : Make sure dashi is kept very HOT!