Scotch Eggs and Lamb


Scotch Egg
Egg whole (soft boiled) 3ea
Lamb roast (ground ) 2# see recipe
Panko crumbs 2C
Egg whole (beaten) 2ea
Oil 4C to fry egg

Lamb roast 2# ground
Diced onion 1/4C
Egg whole 1ea
Bread crumb 1/4C
Worcesrtershire sauce 2T
Garlic minced 1T
Salt and pepper to taste
(Note: Mix all ingredients together and refrigerate)

Bagel plain cut in 1/2 and toasted

Egg yolk 3ea
Butter (melted) 4ozv
Worcestershire 1tsp
Tabasco 1tsp
White wine 1tsp
Rosemary chopped 1T
Salt and pepper to taste


For egg coat soft boiled egg in approx 8 ozs of ground lamb mixture. Coat with beaten egg and 1/4 C-1/2 C of panko crumbs and fry at 350 f until golden brown, finish in oven until internal temp of 165 f is reached.

For hollandaise mix all ingredients together(except butter) and whip over a warm water bath until thick.

Then slowly drizzle butter into hollandaise mixture. Slice egg in half lengthwise , place on top of toasted bagel and drizzle with rosemary hollandaise.