Power Spice Chicken Kabobs with Super Food Slaw


3 1/4 lb Chicken Breast, NEP
2 oz Olive Oil
1/4 cup White Onion, Diced 1/8"
1 tbsp Garlic, Diced 1/8"
2 tbsp Ginger Root, Diced 1/8"
3 tbsp Turmeric, Ground
2 tsp Cumin, Ground
3 tbsp Curry Powder
1/2 tsp Cayenne Pepper
2 tbsp Oregano, Dry
1/2 tsp White Pepper
2 tsp Salt, Iodized
1 1/2 oz Tomato Paste, Canned
2 fl oz White Vinegar
1 cup Coconut Milk, Canned,


1. Pre-Prep: for each serving of 12 potions, you will use 24 skewers.
Soak wood skewers for 3–4 hours. Cut chicken breast into
1.5" pieces. Place 2 oz of chicken on each skewer and place in
container, wrap tightly and refrigerate.
2. To prepare spice mixture, heat medium saute pan, add olive oil,
onion and garlic. Cook until onion lightly caramelized. Add ginger
and all the spices and salt. Cook mixture for 1 minute stirring
frequently to allow spices to toast. Add tomato paste, cook 30
more seconds, deglaze pan with 2 oz of vinegar. Finish by adding
unsweetened coconut milk and mix thoroughly.
3. Thoroughly coat chicken skewers with 1/2 of the spice mixture
and allow to marinate for at least 4 hours or overnight. Reserve
the other half of the spice mixture to use to coat while cooking
chicken kabobs.
4. Cook chicken skewer on grill or griddle. Season grill or griddle with
non-stick cooking spray and on medium high heat. Cook chicken
skewer for approximately 3–4 minutes until seared to light brown.
Turn skewers over and coat with reserved spice mixture and cook
for 3–4 minutes or until internal temperature reached 165°F.
5. For plating, place 1 cup of prepared super food slaw on plate or
in container. Place (2) – 2 oz chicken skewers next to super food
slaw. Serve immediately.
Flavor enhancers to have available: limes, spice shaker with all spices
combined, various hot sauces.