"Not yo’ momma’s hot wings"


Bbq Sauce:

Basic BBQ sauce (I start with Kraft original)
Brown sugar, white sugar, honey, 1-2 tblsp grape jelly … as desired
Cayenne pepper, tobacco sauce, Louisiana Hot sauce, Red pepper flakes to personal taste
1 pat butter
¼ cup apple or orange juice.
Preheat oven to 375 degrees


Seasoned, floured, and fried wing sections…
Glass baking dish sprayed with cooking oil (PAM, etc)..Can also use foil treated with cooking spray on a cookie sheet as well…I prefer glass dish due to run over of sauce….

Mix sauce together in sauce pan on simmer on stove until it comes to a low, slow boil. Remove sauce from stove. Dip wing sections in sauce and place in prepared dish in single layer, once all sections have been dipped can spoon more sauce on wings if desired.
Bake wings for about 20-30 mins.
Wings should have a slight crispiness to them (browning on wings is preferable).
Remove from oven, place on plate or platter and enhoy!