New Orleans Clam Chowder


Onion diced 1/2 ea
Garlic minced 3 cloves
Celery diced 1 rib
Green bell pepper seeded and diced 1/2ea
Tomato paste 2T
Chipotle minced 1-2ea
Tomato diced 1ea
Bacon diced and rendered 3ea strips
Chicken stock 1qt
Clams canned 2ea 8ozv ea
Littleneck clams fresh 1#
Heavy cream 1qt
Salt and pepper to taste

Andouille strusel
Andouille diced 6ozw
Scallion cleaned and diced 1/2C
Onion diced 1/4 ea
Celery diced 1rib
Green bell pepper seeded and diced 1/4 ea
Rutabaga peeled, diced and blanched 1/2 ea
Sage minced fresh 1/2ozw
Corn bread crumbled 3C
Butter 3ozw
Olive oil 3T
Salt and pepper to taste

Fingerling potato seasoned, roasted and cut in 1/2 8ea
Bacon strip whole 6ea
Dijon mustard as needed
Brown sugar enough to coat bacon strips


For chowder saute first 8 ingredients together starting with diced bacon first.

Then add the other 7 ingredients.

Saute for 3-4 min over med- high heat. Then add clams chicken stock and heavy cream and reduce by 1/4. Season with salt and pepper. For andouille strusel saute all ingredients except for sage and cornbread. When onion is translucent(clear) add sage and cornbread.

Season with salt and pepper. Coat bacon strips in dijon and crust with brown sugar, and bake at 400F for 25-30 min or until well browned.

To assemble soup ladel soup in bowl 4-6ozv, top with strusel 2T, 1 bacon strip and 1-2 potatoes. Should make 4-6 servings .

God bless and enjoy!