Gravlax and Baby Kale Melt


Salmon filet 1#
Dill chopped 2T
Rosemary chopped 2T
Thyme chopped 2T
Sugar 2T
Kosher salt 2T

Kale salad:
Baby kale 1C
Peppercorn dressing 1T (see recipe)
Cherry tomato 1/2 4ea
Carrot slice thin 1ea
Cucumber slice thin 1ea

Peppercorn dressing:
Mayonnaise 1/4C
Sour cream 1/4C
Worcestershire sauce 1T
Dijon 1T
Tabasco 1tsp
Green onion chopped 2T
Parmesan 2T
Black peppercorn 1tsp
Salt as needed
Mix all ingredients together and refrigerate

Bagel sliced 1ea
Butter 1T
Aged white cheddar 3 slices


Coat salmon with all herbs (completely covered) , then with salt and sugar.
Place salmon on wire rack w/ drip pan and place in refrigerator for 48 hrs.

Mix kale with dressing and set aside. Toast bagel 1/2's and top bottom 1/2 with cheddar.

Place kale salad on top of bottom bagel, then carrot and cucumber slices.

Finish with thin slices of cured salmon. Use cherry tomatoes as garnish on the side and lean top 1/2 of bagel on salmon sandwich. Serve immediately , enjoy and God bless.