Assorted meats(salami, prosciutto, turkey , ham etc...) sliced

Assorted vegetables (shallot, red bell pepper, garlic, portabella mushroom, all roasted or sauteed)sliced, chopped and/or quartered

Assorted fruit( peaches, pear, apple etc..) sliced, chopped and/or quartered

Assorted vegetables( cucumber, tomato, cauliflower etc...) sliced, chopped and /or quartered

Balsamic vinaigrette as needed

Assorted cheeses(parmesan, brie, cheddar etc...) sliced and/or wedged

Honey as needed for brie


Arrange all components for Crudite on a platter, serve vegetables hot and/or cold, drizzle brie with honey

For lemonade place all components in a drink blender and pulse until slush consistency is reached, garnish with lemon slice , cherry and a sprig of thyme. Enjoy and God bless.