Creole Paella


Olive oil 1/4 C
Butter unsalted 2ozw
Red bell pepper 1/2ea diced
Green bell pepper 1/2 ea diced
Garlic clove 4ea minced
Onion yellow 1/2 ea diced
Jalapeno 1ea diced
Andouille 1/2C diced
Tasso 1/2C sliced thin
16/20 shrimp 10ea
Sea scallop 6ea
Lobster tail 2ea cut in half w/ shell on
Little neck clams 15ea
Chicken stock 1/4 C
Clam juice 1/4 C
White cooking wine 1/4C
Canned clams 8ozw
Pre cooked and cooled white rice 3-4C
Smoked paprika 1T
Salt & Pepper to taste
Arugula 2ozw
Vinaigrette (your favorite) 3T


Saute first 9 ingredients together over med-high heat until tender.

Add all seafood and cook until internal temp of seafood reaches 145F. Add chicken stock, clam juice, clams and cooking wine and reduce by 1/2. Add pre cooked rice and heat through until temp of 165 F is reached.

Season with s&p and smoked paprika. Plate up rice and seafood and top with arugula tossed in vinaigrette. Enjoy and God bless!